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RANCHO SAFARI introduces the all-new BCQUIVER® (BCQ), a vastly superior bow-mounted quiver option
based on the renowned Catquiver backquiver concept that conceals and protects arrows more effectively.
Since 1985 RANCHO SAFARI’s Jerry Gentellalli has made its reputation by solving common problems
faced by real-world bowhunters. His revolutionary BCQ® solves issues inherent to standard bowmounted
quivers largely unchanged for five decades.
Firstly, the BCQ’s® felt-lined, fleece-covered hood completely contains fletchings. Use the brightest
fletchings for positive arrow tracking and recovery without flagging wary game. Eliminate fletching
buffeting on windy days for greater shooting accuracy. Completely eliminate the possibility of
debrisclogged nocks while toting the short bow.
Secondly, the BCQ’s® rubber-padded broadhead cradle secures arrows by the point. No more dulled
blades caused by shoving and pulling broadheads in and out of dirty foam hoods. No more accidently
deployed mechanical broadhead blades. Arrows pressure fit between nock (fletching hood) and point
(broadhead cradle), allowing silent, effortless extraction and return. Head and cradle are individually
adjustable, accommodating any length and diameter of arrow. This unique design allows setting your
bow on the ground while glassing or ranging, or pushing it ahead during hands-and-knees stalks,
without damaging bowsite, fletchings or creating feather rustle. The design also shelters
natural feathers from the elements.
The BCQ® includes rugged ABS plastic hood and broadhead cradle and vertical adjustment bars
and mounting brackets made of stout, space-age carbon material that’s 100 percent reliable yet
lightweight. The two-piece design provides exceptional bow balance for greater bow accuracy. The
fleece-covered and felt-lined hood and broadhead base work as a stabilizer and offer dramatic
bowdampening qualities. Each piece attaches to standard upper/lower riser-quiver
mounts of any brand compound available today.
The BCQ® holds four to six arrows and is covered in a variety of camouflage patterns from Black,
TrueTimber® and Rancho Safari’s own JeriFlage® (woodland, desert or snow).

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